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Eskişehir’de rüzgar ve güneş enerjisi potansiyelinin belirlenmesi


The necessary steps in the establishment of wind power turbines for electricity generation, the wind speed measurements, evaluation of the measured data, the potential for energy production in the form of the identification and selection of the turbine, respectively. Therefore, the wind speed data which is the most important parameter of the turbine installation area is taken from representing measurement point. For the installation of wind power plants, wind speed and wind direction must be measured in addition to some other meteorological parameters. The temperature, humidity and pressure changes should be assessed seasonal for the factors such as air density and Corrosion of turbine. For research into renewable energies in power generation is an unavoidable reality in today's world. Depending on the evolving technology environment-friendly energy demand is increasing day by day. Therefore, the provision of support for regional research in the use of renewable energy sources is among the main objectives of the article. In a addition, to provide a contribution to Turkey's map of wind and solar power is aimed. Nowadays, one of the most important indicators of a country's development, it is the energy consumed per capita in the country. Energy, infrastructure and industrialization is an essential element of daily life. Therefore, the country's energy needs, holds an important place in the national and international platforms. Energy sources will be depleted in the near future, for reasons such as environmental impacts, and increasing dependence on foreign, countries nowadays reliable, adequate supply, cheap and clean energy needs. Industry, the economy and the rapidly growing population of Turkey's population, the need for energy is constantly increasing in parallel. Therefore, the produced energy source, as well as the efficient use of energy and resources available for the provision of equality of the potential for the introduction of renewable energy sources is extremely important. Table 1 in the country share of renewable energy sources are electricity generation (ETBK, 2012). Accordingly, the orientation renewable energy sources in our country, in general, are increasing. In this study, wind and solar measurements station was established in the Eskisehir Osmangazi University Meselik Campus to determine the potential of wind and solar power. Thus, for the purpose of energy production from wind and solar energy in Eskisehir region, data is extended. As a result of evaluation of data, whether cost of electricity production from wind and solar energy is economic have been identified. The study measured wind speeds of 30m, can be incorporated into a light class. Therefore, the remaining wind speeds of light in the class, water pumps, power generation and second degree will be eligible to run. The data used in this study was taken from the measuring station which was established through a project supported by Eskisehir Osmangazi University Scientific Research Projects Commission (Aras et al., 2012). 30m length to a minimum so that the interaction of the sensors on a pole and advance literature, which was published in the Official Gazette No. 24903 dated 10.11.2002 "Wind and Solar Measurements" Communique on the device according to the placements elevations were planned. However, this notification in the Official Gazette No. 28250 dated 31.03.2012 which was published in "Wind and Solar Energy Based Licenseapplications Comminique Amending the Communique on the Measurement Standard was changed to (Rega, 2012). Installing the metering station is suitable for both the rules laid down in the communique. Measuring station for the selection of the installation site, in an article in 2004 is taken into consideration. In this article, Analytic Hierarchy Process technique has identified the location of the most suitable wind measurement station (Aras et al., 2004). The main factor that determines the installation of a central area is to determine the potential for infrastructure and energy studies. Therefore, in order to determine the potential of the region's wind and solar power for continuous measurements should be made at least 1 year. If the establishment of a central area of electricity generation and will not be economically possible with determination, but the statistical analysis of the raw data. Therefore, analysis of problems that can occur with the help of pre-determined and studies to determine the potential for wind and solar power to be accurate and complete.