It is evident that the rapid development in science and technology has enabled various electronic devices and communication systems. However, there are also undesired effects of those devices on human health. One of those effects is the electromagnetic fields that exceeds the limits. Therefore, the electromagnetic fields emitted by the devices should not exceed a certain level. In that respect, different institutions around the world have determined the certain limits. One of the most important of these organizations in the world is the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). Similar to the other existing organizations, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) is the responsible authority in Turkey. In this study, electric field intensity values were measured using the drive test method with the Selective Radiation Meter (SRM-3006) device on the main streets in Diyarbakır City Center. Obtained measurement values were shown on dot thematic maps, two dimensional maps and three dimensional maps. As a result, locations with the highest electric field intensity were determined by these maps. In addition, the obtained results were compared with the limit values determined by ICNIRP and BTK and it was seen that the measured electric field intensity values did not exceed the exposure limits.

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Assistant Prof. Dr. Davut İZCİ (davut.izci@batman.edu.tr) Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yahya TEŞNELİ (atesneli@sakarya.edu.tr)