Solar energy is unlimited, flawlessly, sustainable and among of the most preferred renewable energy source. The rapid development and the increasing demand in solar energy technologies provided an increasing the production and played an important role for reducing costs. Thousands of manufacturers around the world produce solar panels however solar panels are also exposed to aging during their lifetime. This aging of the solar panel is generally expressed by the manufacturers as 10% generation performance loss in 10 years and 20% in 25 years. However, solar panel technology is not a very old technology and these statements on aging are in need of confirmation. So, in this study, the data of a solar power plant that has been operating for about 13 years has been examined in detail and the same plant has been modeled with numerical programme for the case of Aerzen, Germany. Panel aging was discussed by comparing the simulation data with the experimental data

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Prof. Dr. Sabir RÜSTEMLİ, srustemli@beu.edu.tr