Dams are built by considering innovative and technological possibilities. Although it is evaluated technically and the construction stages are carried out, major defects can be encountered in the project and implementation phases. These problems may appear not only using the inappropriate materials but also corrigenda project design, misimplemantation and natural disasters. Due to these reasons, large damages and collapse can be seen in dams. In order to prevent loss of life and property that may occur as a result of damage and collapse in dams, Some experimental and simulation studies are required to determine the behavior of the materials and dams construction. In this context, collapse analyzes and risk maps should be prepared to occur an early warning system as a foresight.Scope of the study, A scenario study has been carried out by modeling the Kralkizi Dam on the Maden Stream, which is a branch of the Tigris River, upon collapse. Kralkizi dam is located at an average altitude of 100 meters from the old city center of Diyarbakir can pose a risk with Tigris Dam.Although Kralkizi dam is of the fill dam type in terms of construction technique, it was accepted that sudden collapse, which is the collapse model in arch dams, and studies were carried out considering the most unfavorable situation.In this study; One-dimensional overrun failure modeling was performed using the "Global Mapper, GIS program and the HEC-RAS program developed by the US Army Engineering Association".As a result, it was obtained the collapse hydrograph of the KralKizi Dam, using the collapse modeling program.