In this study; the effects of the circumferential adhesion surfaces of the ring cross-section joints bonded with overlap on the bond strength were investigated. They are produced as male and female molds for joining ring cross-section connections. Bonding processes were carried out with two different adhesives (DP 410, DP 490), four overlap angles (30o, 45 o, 60 o, 90 o), two overlapping inner diameters (15mm, 20mm) and four overlap distances (10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm). Tensile and torsion tests of the overlapped samples were carried out according to the determined parameters. The tensile strength values of the samples bonded with DP 410 adhesive were higher than the samples bonded with DP 490 adhesive. In terms of torsional behavior, samples combined with DP 410 showed better behavior than DP 490.



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