Depending on the population growth in the world, the need for energy is increasing day by day. In particular, the development of industry in developing countries such as Turkey, which was developed together with the increase of income levels and technology are considered in parallel with the new generation of products will further increase the demand for energy in the year ahead. However, factors such as the fossil resources used today, which create very important environmental problems in the world and that these resources will end in the very near future have accelerated the trend towards environmentally friendly energy resources. Working with these thoughts; It is aimed to determine the animal waste potential of the province of Mardin for biogas, one of the renewable energy products. Depending on this purpose, the amount of fertilizer to be formed according to the presence of ovine, bovine and poultry was calculated using the current data of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, and the possible annual biogas amount was calculated. As a result, the energy potential that can be produced has been revealed. According to this; With the digestion of the manure that can be obtained from the animals within the borders of Mardin province, it has been determined that there is an annual biogas potential of 17794331 m3 and an energy production potential of 403931 GJ from this biogas and the equivalent of electrical energy can be 229131 kWh per day.



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