In this study, the management of geothermal resources in Turkey is discussed. In our country, the law on geothermal resources is Law No. 5686 on Geothermal Resources and Natural Mineral Water. According to this law, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, General Directorate of Mining Affairs, General Directorate of Renewable Energy, the Ministry of Culture, and other similar institutions and Tourism, as well as the local authorities such as Special Provincial Administrations and Investment Monitoring Coordination Department have been given administrative, technical and supervising powers. In addition, local governments and private investors/entrepreneurs are other institutional and executive authorities. In a situation where so many institutions are involved, it may be possible for investors/entrepreneurs to make investments and businesses efficient and efficient in a fast, transparent, fair, and sustainable coordination. Afyon Geothermal Tourism and Trade Inc. (since 1994 Bursa Geothermal Energy and Industry Trade Corporation (since 2008), İzmir Geothermal Energy Industry and Trade Inc. (since 2005), etc. are the successful examples to this coordination in our country. It is clear that geothermal energy potential has not yet been thoroughly investigated. The problems of existing enterprises are taken into consideration, and that an immediate administrative coordination unit is needed in our province. In this paper, an administrative model proposal covering Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, Investment Monitoring Coordination Department, Şanlıurfa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Harran University was examined.

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