In this study, basaltic pumice (BR1) taken from the red hill volcano cone from the Karacadağ's Ovabağ region in Çınar District of Diyarbakır is being used as the absorber. Microscopic and macroscopic properties of BR1 were determined. BR1 was characterized through methods such as XRD, XRF, BET, FTIR, BET and SEM. Different temperatures and contact times among the parameters affecting the adsorption were studied. Adsorption amounts were found as 1.97, 2.15 and 2.58 mgg -1 respectively for 298, 313 and 328 K. Data obtained from the experiment were applied to 4 kinetic models; Lagergren pseudo first-order model, Ho-McKay pseudo-second model, intra-particle diffusion model (Weber-Morris model), and Elovich kinetic model. The adsorption kinetic mechanism of Cu(II) was evaluated to mostly comply with the second order velocity equation - known as the Ho McKay model, yet it also comply with the Elovich kinetic equation.

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