The aim of this work was to identify a gel with suitable organoleptic and rheological properties (spreadability, texture and viscosity) for topical administration, designed to allow controlable release of the active principle. In this study describes the rational design and synthesis of amino acid-based organogelator, which were systemically fine-tuned at the head group to develop gel matrix for anti-aging cosmeceutical. A great variety of organic self-assemblies are known and several of them provide cosmeceutical delivery matrices. Amino alcohol based bis-(phenylalaninol)diglycoholamide (DGA), a well-known LMWGs for organic fluids whose properties have been reported in several papers, has been explored to develop depot systems and illustrated as a topically delivery vehicle for well known anti aging vitamine E and vitamine C. FAE (Faty acid ethyl and isopropyl ester) with different chain lenghts, ethyl laurate (LEE), ethyl myristate (MEE), ethyl palmitate (PEE), isopropyl laurate (LIE), isopropyl myristate (MIE), isopropyl palmitate (PIE); liquid paraffine, dodecane and 1-decanol were chosen as biocompatible organic fluids which are used in cosmetic industry. In this context, we attempted for the first time, using these gel base material as a novel topical delivery vehicle for cosmeceuticals. Optimizing rheological behavior is therefore one of the crucial steps in development of dermal cosmeceuticals delivery systems. In order to understand the convenience of newly designed gelator as a carrier for topical cosmeceutical delivery vehicles; we investigated rheological properties of these systems with respect to the, the gelation fluids, vitamine/ gelator ratios and vitamine – gelator interaction and formulation stability. Formulation stability, rheological properties and matrix convinent for skin application were evaluated with IR spectroscpy reometric techniqe Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometric studies indicated absence of gelator-drug chemical interactions. The rheological properties of DGA/ MIE gel system was implied as a carrier anti aging cosmeceutical for skin application.

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