This study was carried out in order to enrich the cerium in bastnasite ore containing rare earth elements, which is located within the boundaries of Sivrihisar district of Eskişehir province and which is of great importance for our country's economy, in solution environment after selectively separating it from the ore by flotation process. In the first stage of the study, the component analysis of the supplied ore was made and the amounts of rare earth elements such as thorium, cerium and lanthan in the ore were determined. In the continuation of the study, it is aimed to separate and enrich the serium contained in the ore from the ore structure by the flotation process. The most important aspect of this study was to change the crystal structure of the ore before flotation to provide a certain particle size freeing degree and then to separate the cerium content from the main mineral with high efficiency by flotation. The process we do in order to increase the degree of liberation at a certain size by changing the crystal structure of the ore is the sulfurization process. In the experiments conducted for this purpose, the effect of temperature, time and H2S amount on the sulfurization process, the effect of pH, collector amount, pulp density and some stimulating and suppressing reagents on the flotation efficiency were examined, and the flotation efficiency of cerium in the ore was determined as 96.1% in the determined optimum conditions. has been. It has been determined that the cerium grade in the concentrate obtained in this way increases from 1.0% to 10.35%.

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