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Bir Mikro Şebekenin Yük Frekans Kontrolü için Tamsayı Derece Yaklaşımlı Kesir Dereceli PID Kontrolörün Optimizasyonu


In modern power systems, ensuring the ability to maintain production-load balance after load changes and failures is an important problem. A load frequency control (LFC) mechanism provides a solution to this requirement. The amount of power produced in microgrids is constantly changing and also has many uncertainties, because microgrids often use renewable energy sources (RES) to generate electrical energy. Due to these changes and uncertainties in microgrid systems, traditional controllers have become inadequate to provide good performance in the long run. In this study, in order to deal with the difficulties encountered in LFC in microgrid, integer order approximation fractional order PID controller (IOA FOPID) is proposed. League championship algorithm (LCA), ant colony optimization (ACO) and optics-inspired optimization (OIO) algorithms have used to determine the most appropriate controller parameters. At the same time, a multi-purpose cost function has used to obtain the most appropriate values of the gains of the IOA FOPID controller. For the most appropriate controller parameter values obtained with three different optimization algorithms, the time domain analyzes of the microgrid system have made and the success of the algorithms has compared.