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Hesapsal Zekâ Yöntemleri ile İnsansız Hava Araçları için Rota Planlaması


This study purpose to calculating best route plan for Unmanned aerial vehicle. Today, unmanned aerial vehicles can be used in areas such as reconnaissance, search and rescue, damage detection, as well as in missions that are dangerous for people. Today, serious studies are carried out in the field of hardware and software for unmanned aerial vehicles, which are widely used in different fields. Most of the work is done on hardware. However, this study will be on software development for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The aim of the study is to develop route planning and simulation environment for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. In the literature, route planning is included in the non-deterministic polynomial-time hardness problems class because the route has a high calculation cost. Meta heuristic algorithm approaches will be used for route planning. The aim is to reduce processing time and maximize cost efficiency. While planning a route using more than one meta-heuristic algorithm method, the most appropriate route planning will be made considering the field structure, obstacles and hazardous areas. The purpose of route planning is to calculate the safe and shortest distance.