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Siber Zorbalık Tespit Yöntemleri Potansiyel Uygulama Alanları ve Zorluklar


Cyberbullying, which is one of the problems faced by social media users worldwide, is increasing day by day. It puts psychological pressure on its victims, causing them to be excluded from the society and even to the brink of suicide. In order to prevent these and similar problems, cyberbullying must be detected. Although cyberbullying detection is very difficult, many methods have been developed for its detection. The widespread use of the internet among people caused cyber bullying the application areas to increase . Cyber bullies; They bully more than traditional bullying with the thought that their bullying on the internet cannot be detected or even with the thought that there will be no legal sanction. Various studies have been carried out in the literature to identify this problem. In this study first of all cyberbullying definition, types, legal regulations in the international arena and in turkey, used in detection methods machine learning methods and algorithms, studies in the literature and generally presented implementation steps used in the detection method.




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