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Yığma duvarların mikro modellemesinde harcın çekme dayanımı ve kayma gerilmesi iletim katsayısının etkisi


In this study, the effectiveness of 3-dimensional smeared crack model in the micro-model analysis of masonry walls is investigated. The three parameters concrete model which special case of William Warnke model, is used to calculate the nonlinear behavior of mortar and brick regions of the wall. For numerical analysis, Solid65 concrete element in Ansys finite element program is selected. For the comparison of the numerical results, the base shear force-top displacement curve and the fracture zones obtained from the experimental results of the Eindhoven walls which called as JD4, JD6 and JD7, are used. Tensile strength of the mortar and defined shear transfer coefficient in finite element model of mortar region are investigated effect on the numerical solutions. For purpose of using in micro level static pushover analyzes of masonry walls, a coefficient for tensile strength of the mortar, and some values for shear stress transfer coefficients are recommended.