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Bitki İndeksleri Kullanarak Buğday Bitkisinin Rekolte Tahmini


Remote sensing is the science that provides information about objects on earth from remote platforms such as ground-based devices, planes or satellites. Satellite data can be processed with different analyzes and used in various fields. Vegetation indexes obtained from satellite images provide different information about the earth. Some of these are drought maps creation, product pattern determination studies, time-dependent product or vegetation change studies. Should not be appropriate due to the climatic conditions both in the rich agricultural lands, agriculture is an important area for Turkey's economy. For this reason, both business owners and related ministries are concerned with the maximum yield from agricultural land. Wheat is the most produced cereal in Turkey. In this study, the wheat yield in the land belonging to the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises located in the southeast of Şanlıurfa was investigated. The yield estimation model was established using vegetation indexes obtained from satellite images and parcel yield values from previous years and the accuracy of the model were questioned with the yield values in a different year. In addition, the accuracy of NDVI, MSAVI and GNDVI vegetation indexes were investigated. As a result of the study, the yield prediction for 2018-2019 season was made using the reflection values of all three indices before flowering, in the flowering phase and after flowering, and the highest success was achieved with 82% NDVI value in the flowering phase.