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Bulanık SWARA ve Bulanık Analitik Hiyerarşi Prosesi Yöntemi ile İş Değerlemesi


Job evaluation is the process of systematically determining the relative value of jobs in an organization. It’s aimed to establish a fair and reliable wage system by determining the values of the works. Wage management is an important tool that increases productivity of businesses, as well as an economic incentive method that connects the employee to the business. The correct establishment of the wage system depends on how effectively the job valuation in the enterprise is used. The relative values of the works are determined by comparing them in terms of their importance by using certain factors. The job with the highest degree of importance is considered to be more important than other jobs and it is considered appropriate to work with higher wages. Job valuation has been applied in a company that has been operating in the climating sector for many years. This study was applied by selecting three job definition sample groups to take part in the assembly line in the enterprise. These criterias were determined by job evaluation and the comparison of these criterias with each other was provided by Fuzzy SWARA and Fuzzy AHP. Thus, the staff will be placed on the wage scales created according to the results of the job valuation based on scientific data, the right wage policy for the right job will be implemented.