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Henry Gaz Çözünürlük Optimizasyonu ile Uçak Eğim Kontrol Sistemi için Etkin Kontrolör Tasarımı


In this study, Henry gas solubility optimization (HGSO) algorithm has been proposed as a novel meta-heuristic algorithm to tune PID parameters optimally for an aircraft pitch control system. This is the first time ever that such an approach is being used since it has not been proposed in the literature previously. To evaluate the performance of the proposed approach several analyses have been carried out such as statistical test analysis, transient response analysis, pole-zero map analysis and bode analysis. Also, the effectiveness of the HGSO tuned PID controller was verified through comparisons with other recent and effective meta-heuristic algorithms based PID controllers such as sine-cosine algorithm (SCA) tuned and grasshopper optimization algorithm (GOA) tuned PID controllers. The comparisons have confirmed the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed HGSO tuned PID controller over other stated mechanisms for controlling the pitch angle of an aircraft.