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Geoteknik Mühendisliğinde Açık Kaynaklı Yazılım Geliştirme Araçlarının Kullanımı: Hidrometre Deneyi Örneği


In geotechnical engineering, the software is widely used in the analysis of in-situ and laboratory experiments used within the scope of research topics. The diversity of the in-situ and laboratory experiments, the availability of a large number of experimental data according to the research scale, and the necessity to present some visual elements depending on the findings as a result of analysis; has led to the plurality of commercial software development services and closed source applications. In this study, a hydrometer experiment, which is one of the laboratory experiments used in defining soil index properties in geotechnical engineering; a web-based application has been developed by coding data acquisition, evaluation, and analysis processes in a number of integrated opensource software development tools. A virtual analysis of hydrometer experiment data compiled from scientific publications was carried out and account verification of the software was provided. The input data in the software are analyzed within the algorithm steps and presented to the users via the internet browser as charts and tables in accordance with the international standard. As a result, it has been concluded that open-source software development tools are highly available in the field of geotechnical engineering application development, based on the prevalence and access density of existing commercial software.