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Pazar Yerinde Gürültü Kirliliğinin Belirlenmesi: Bursa İli Örneği


Although it is among the environmental problems, noise pollution, which is less important in terms of quality than others, has become an important problem in urban life. The noise problem, which grows with the increase in industrialization and urbanization activities, poses a great danger and is reacted by the public, especially due to the damages it causes to human health. One of the places where noise occurs in many different areas is marketplaces. The noise, started with the sellers coming to the marketplace in the early hours, continues with the loud shouts of sellers. In addition, customers’ coming to the marketplaces by their vehicles for shopping cause additional noise pollution. In this study, noise measurements were carried out for three months at 11 points selected in a marketplace located in the Görükle, Nilüfer district of Bursa. In the determined points, measurements were made on Saturday morning, lunch and evening hours in March-April-May 2019. During the measurement, the largest and smallest values were recorded. The results obtained were compared with the limit values given in the Regulation on the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise (RAMEN) and various suggestions were made to reduce noise by determining the points exceeding the limit values.