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Tek Katlı Betonarme Bir Yapı Üzerinde Operasyonel Modal Analiz Uygulaması


Determination of the mechanical properties of materials by non-destructive methods is quite common practice. The studies conducted in the field of determining the dynamic behavior parameters of the structures are also included in non-destructive methods. Operational modal analysis, a non-destructive method, is presented as main element of this study. A single storey reinforced concrete structure with the lack of static and architectural projects was studied. First of all, the structure was relieved, reinforcement details of load bearing elements were determined by reinforcement detection device, and the properties of the concrete material were determined in-situ by ultrasonic testing and Schmidt hammer applications. Secondly, finite element model was created by using SAP2000 software and theoretical modal analysis was performed. In the third stage, operational modal analysis was performed. Considering the results of theoretical modal analysis; accelerometer sensor instrumentation was made and ambient vibration recordings were taken. The collected data was processed by using Artemis Modal Pro software and in-situ mode shapes and frequencies were obtained. The theoretical and experimental mode shapes were defined to be similar; whereas the related frequency values were obtained to be different. As a result of the calibration studies on the finite element model, it was concluded that it was not possible to calculate the experimentally obtained modal behavior parameters if the fill walls were omitted in the finite element model.