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Bazalt Agregalı Bitümlü Sıcak Karışım Tabakalarının Dinamik Rijitlik Modülünün Hesaplanması ve Marshall Tasarım Kriterleriyle Karşılaştırılması


In Turkey with the published Flexible Pavements Projecting Guide 2008, the designer that offer opportunities in various design and material selection, empirical and analytical methods based on AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) 2002 Flexible Pavement Design Guide is being made the transition to the criteria. In AASHTO 2002 Project Designing Guide, dynamic stiffness module, which is one of the most important factors affecting coating performance, is allowed to be calculated with estimation models for second and third hierarchical level projects. Investigating the relationship between the dynamic stiffness module calculated with estimated models and Marshall method data, which is widely used in bituminous hot mix design in our country, will provide alternative opportunities for the designer on a project basis. In this study, the mixture designs of basalt aggregate bituminous foundation, binder and wear layers are made by Marshall method; According to the optimum bitumen at determined frequencies and temperatures, dynamic stiffness modules are calculated with Witczak 2002 Model and their main curves are drawn. As a result, it has been determined that the maximum dynamic stiffness modulus in design criteria values has been approached and since the temperature affects the dynamic stiffness modulus more than the loading times, it has been determined that the dynamic stiffness modulus of the layers should be determined primarily in the projects according to the climatic conditions, and the maximum aggregate particle size should be increased in order to increase the strength of the wear mixtures.