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Coğrafik Konuma Özel Tasarım Spektrumlarının Betonarme Yapı Performansına Etkisi


Seismicity, local soil conditions and structural properties of a region are important parameters in order to determinate behavior of structures under earthquake impacts and seismic risks. The seismicity of that region can be expressed with spectrum curves in the analysis of the structures. Specific spectrum curves of specific points have begun to be used with '' Turkey Seismic Building Regulations '' which entered into force in 2019. In this study, the effect of geographical regions on both earthquake parameters and structure performance calculations was investigated by selecting one district in each different geographic region in Turkey. The probability of exceedance in 50 years 10% (repetition period of 475 years) for provinces of Ankara, Antalya, Diyarbakir, Erzurum, Istanbul, Izmir and Samsun and ground motion level DD-2 and the local soil class ZE as specified in the Turkey Building Earthquake Regulation are considered. Short period map spectral acceleration coefficient, maximum ground acceleration, maximum ground velocity, local ground effect coefficients, design spectral acceleration coefficients, horizontal and vertical elastic spectrum curve were calculated for each province. In this study, although the same ground characteristics and ground motion are found in different geographical locations, changes in earthquake parameters were investigated. A seven-storey reinforced concrete structure with the same structural features was selected in all provinces in order to reveal the effect of geographic location on building performance calculations. The analysis of the selected sample reinforced concrete structure was carried out for each province. In the structural analysis, static adaptive pushover analysis was used for soil properties were taken into consideration. All obtained results were compared. Geographical location change affects both earthquake parameters and structural analysis results directly. This study reveals, it is a gain that using site-specific seismic parameters according to updated Turkey Seismic Design Code. Even if local soil conditions and structural characteristics are the same at any point, seismicity elements of the region should be taken into consideration