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Geosentetik Donatı Sayısı ve Konumunun Farklı Boyutlu Yol Numuneleri Üzerine Etkisinin İncelenmesi


In this study, the effects of the geosynthetic reinforcement for the models created by finite element method have been investigated. The results of the analysis on samples selected with different model sizes were evaluated with Plaxis 2D program. For different model widths taken between 5 cm and 960 cm, the base layer of road was modeled and the stress deformation behavior and settlement amounts were evaluated. The failure behavior of the models and the single and multiple reinforcement layers (1, 2 and 3) used in the models were also evaluated. The effects of placing the single reinforcement in different regions in the sample were also compared. It can be stated that the best performance is seen in case of three reinforcements. Although the model size was not very effective in the case of the reinforcement, it was seen that the sample sizes were effective for the reinforced models. In addition, it was found that the reinforcement was effective in settlement and failure patterns the samples.