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Gelişmekte Olan ve Gelişmiş Ülkelerde Yüksek Hızlı Demiryolu Yatırım Kriterlerinin İncelenmesi


Infrastructure investments take a small share on yearly budget of developed countries. Because these countries ave finished their infrastructural establishment period in a vast scale. In undeveloped countries, infrastructure investments take a small share on yearly budget too. Because of these countries can not encourage various developing parameters with economical power, they can not take inituitive for significant infrastructure investments. But in develoing countries, infrastructure investments take a high share on yearly budget. In these countries, populiaton is increasing, urbanization is advancing, both supply and demand are enhancing. Also an economical development factor is present too. Hence infrastructural developing is tried to progress on an integrated manner with economical development and national advancement. Because of these e densely infrastructural development period is processed. In this paper firstly high psed railways and developlent criterias of a system that this mode has just penetrated are evaluated. Then corridor choice essentials are revealed for high sped railways. After these global comparisons are done in terms of many countries. Finally, concluions and recommentations are given.