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Aşağı Seyhan Ovası (Mersin-Adana) Yeraltı ve Yüzey Sularının Çeşitli Grafik Yöntemlerle Sınıflandırılması


This study was carried out in the Lower Seyhan Plain (LSP), which covers an area of approximately 2125 km2 in the Çukurova Delta, located in the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Discharge of wastewaters from industrial and domestic sources to water resources without any treatment process and intense agricultural activities adversely affect the quality of groundwater and surface waters, which are used as drinking/potable water sources in the region. Within the scope of this study, a total of 173 water samples were collected from wells and various surface waters (Mediterranean Sea, Seyhan and Berdan rivers, irrigation and drainage canals, Tuzla and Akyatan lagoons) in the region between June and July 2014 in order to determine the quality and hydrogeochemical properties of groundwater and surface waters in the LSP. In addition to the measurements of various physical parameters (pH, Eh and electrical conductivity) made on site, concentration values of various major ions (Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+ , K+ , CO3 2−, HCO3 − , Cl− , SO4 2−, NO3 − , NO2 − , NH4 + , PO4 3− and F− ) were determined in the laboratory by spectrometric, spectrophotometric and titrimetric analysis methods. The results obtained from measurements and analyses were used to create and interpret Piper, Durov, Semi-Logarithmic Schoeller, USA Salinity Laboratory and Wilcox diagrams. It is concluded that different types of waters present in the region are diverse in character and physicochemical values vary within a wide range.