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Ulaştırmada Türel Seçim ve Toplu Ulaştırma Hizmet Parametreleri Bağlamında Bir Derleme


Transportation has an increasing importance and attention because of the development trends on various disciplines and especially very rapidly improvement of innovative technologies. Cities are largening. Urban areas are growing as a parameter of population and immigration on developing countries, developed countries and even on undeveloped countries too in all over the World. Urbanization is a phenomena for 21st century. On futures mobility; sustainability, urbanization and digitalization will be on a very strategical point. On this context intermodal integration and balanced modal distribution are going to become very significant and determinant for trnsport and related disciplines. Especially innovative technologies are going to support transportation system for solution of traffic safety problems, traffic congestion problems and related issues. Beside all of these; as a part of sustainability and efficiency of mentioned system, enhancing the usage rates and improving of mass transport will be a focus point for the solution of the problems and providing an effective system. In this paper, at the field survey it has seen that transport choice is deeply affected by age, income and education. Epscially it is a necessity to exceeding conventional analysis for dynamic cities like Istanbul.