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Demiryollarında Gelişme Eğilimleri, Yüksek Hızlı Demiryollarının Küresel Mevcut Durumu ve Ülkemiz İçin Bir Derleme


Transportation constitutes one of the main element of an integrated system, an affecting and affected factor, result and cause of social relations and technical improvements since the beginning of humanity. Thus it falls into as a diving power on the center of all social, economic, technical, cultıural and political phases. Transportation which has a continuous and bilateral relation with urbanization can only give inputs and outputs that are functional and efficient under a system that drives integrated and completely. One of the main challenge of Turkey for many decades is a notion that have partial approaches and disintegrative acts. From this point of view, on various issues especially transportation and urbanization, theory and practice, academy and market, the main requirement related with providing integrated approach idea. Similar problems are seen on the subjects of intermodal integration, balanced modal distribution, human focused approach and enhancing the level of service parameters. One of topics which are brought by all of these problems is railways. The necessity about improvement of railways and enhancing its share on both passenger and freight transport is either an obvious reality or the true option. It is a case that the trend on Turkey has evolved to this direction. High speed railway constitutes the most effective and efficient pillar of railways with its 50 years experience on countries as Japan, France and Germany and enhancing importance on global scale. In this paper firstly global samples are given, then possible savings of it for Turkey are mentioned. Later considerations are done specific to lines of Turkey and lastly conclusions are shared.