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Otonom Araçların Özellikleri, Mevcut Durumu ve Gelecekteki Yerinin Ulaştırma ve Trafik Üzerine Etkisi Bağlamında İncelenmesi


Autonomous vehicles will form the future’s urbanization and transportation. And they will be a cornerstone in the future’s transportation system. On this context penetration of autonomous vehicles to existing transportation and traffic system is going to take tens of years that aforementioned transportation mode and conventional vehicles (automobiles) are going to constitute a heterogeneous traffic. In terms of these, traffic flow, traffic flow velocity, traffic order and continuity, traffic safety, lane discipline, following distance, comfort and related elements are going to show a continuous change according to various penetration rates. Taking a stability of these trend can get a trend which equals to tens of years. It is excepted that traffic order of autonomous vehicles are going to improve various elements as traffic efficiency, parking place savings, traffic flow velocity, traffic safety and travel kilometers. But within aforementioned heterogeneous traffic flow, in medium term all of these features can be expected to show big changings on the context of mixture traffic characteristics and implementation experiences. For good management of this process, at that moment it is a necessity to god understand, analyze and interpretation of these on a multi-phase approach. In this paper firstly the main features of autonomous vehicles are discussed. After these, existing case of autonomous vehicles is evaluated and levels of autonomy and autonomous vehicles are entreated. Within this scope the satisfactory by user of autonomous vehicles is examined and conclusions and recommendations are shared.