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Mobile diagnosis of thyroid based on ensemble classifier


The thyroid gland plays a major role in many metabolic activities of the human body. Thyroid disease, which is quite common in humans, affects people's quality of life significantly. Early diagnosis is very important for taking precautions. The mobile diagnostic system can be the solution for early diagnosis especially in rural areas or without going to health institution. This study has been proposed to enable people with mobile devices to obtain quick information about the disease or to seek medical assistance in any matter without going to the hospital. Functional thyroid diagnosis system is designed using mobile device, Android based software application, Database (SQL) and Server (MATLAB based decision algorithms). With the system, functional thyroid disease can be diagnosed using an android based mobile device. Different classification algorithms were searched for the most accurate diagnosis and Ensemble method which has a high success rate for thyroid disease was used in the system. Ensemble classification technique reached a success rate of 99.06% and 99.08% for the first and second data group, respectively. These success rates were calculated by using gold standard test and results were compared with the literature. Obtained test results showed that, the proposed mobile diagnosis system could be used for the diagnosis of the functional thyroid. At the same time, this system can be developed for different diseases.