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Kayseri İli İçin Büyükbaş Hayvan Atığından Biyogaz ve Elektrik Üretim Potansiyelinin ve Maliyetinin Araştırılması


In this study, the potentials of biogas and electric production from the cattle waste in the Kocasinan and Melikgazi districts of Kayseri were investigated. Furthermore, three different cases were considered in order to evaluate the productions in terms of environmental and economic aspects. It is assumed that the waste can be collected in the one, two and three plants in the first, second and third cases, respectively. In all considered cases, CO2 emission resulted from transporting of waste and electric production from biogas was determined and electric production cost was calculated by using levelized cost of electricity method. The results were brought that the highest biogas and electric production potential was obtained in Oymaağaç neighborhood in Kocasinan district. However, while the lowest environmental CO2 emission was occurred in Case III, the lowest electricity production cost was achieved in Case II.