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Diyarbakır İli Şartlarında Yatay Tip Toprak Kaynaklı Isı Pompası ile Isıtma Analizi


In this study, the performance of the horizontal type ground source heat pump system in the winter season was evaluated for heating the 9x8x2.8 m test area in Diyarbakır. Energy and exergy analysis was applied to the system and system units by evaluating the results of the examined system in the winter.. Monthly and seasonal average values of the data measured in the winter (01.12.2017 / 28.02.2018) were taken for 11 node points determined in the established system. In the energy analysis made with the obtained results, the energy loss in the system was calculated as 3.550 kW and the energy efficiency was 75.47%. For system units, the unit with the lowest energy efficiency has been determined as a compressor. According to the exergy analysis applied to the system, the exergy loss of the system is calculated as 2.032 kW and the second law efficiency is 23.35%. The compressor was determined as the unit with the highest exergy loss in the system. The compressor should be given priority for the improvement works to be planned according to the results of both energy and exergy analysis. The COP value of the system was determined as 3.08 and it was determined that the system, which was examined in the winter, was usable for Diyarbakır province.