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Kaldırma ve İletme Makinalarında Kullanılan Halatlarının Deneysel ve Nümerik Analizi


Steel ropes are the most used elements in load lifting machines due to their flexibility and high strength. They consist of many thin strings wrapped around a core. Thin strands come together following complex geometric paths and form the rope. Therefore, wire ropes are load-lifting elements with high strength in the industry. In this study, both experimental and numerical modeling was done for small diameter ropes and the accuracy of the model was determined. Since it is very difficult and costly to apply the tensile load experimentally in large diameter steel ropes, three-dimensional models were created in the computer environment and axial forces were applied to the models and their elongation under load was determined. With the help of the analysis program, the analysis of the steel rope models was carried out and it was concluded that the results were compatible with each other by comparing with the experimental values.