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Endüstri 4.0 Uyumlu DC Wattmetre Tasarımı


With Industry 4.0, the importance of remote control and measurements in the industry has been further understood. It is very important for security of both the operator and the system to be able to take the desired electrical measurements, especially in areas where human access is troubled. Besides, reducing the number of personnel assigned to field measurements and shifting them to more effective areas will be an advantage for the industry. In this study; DC wattmeter capable of remote measurement in the light of industry 4.0 and has a user interface was designed and prototyped. Current and voltage values to be measured are transmitted to a microprocessor by appropriate sensors. The processor displays the voltage, current, power and energy values on the LCD. At the same time, the measured values are transmitted wirelessly via the communication module to the remote computer. On the computer, these values are shown in a simple, understandable and user-friendly interface with the C# program. This interface includes sections such as “connect”, “disconnect”, “port used” and “measured values”. Also; this system has a protection subsystem when the current-voltage values on the load exceed the specified values. The product was compared with other products and it has more features and its price is low. Thus; a DC wattmeter based on hardware-software-communication was designed economically and under the fourth industrial revolution.