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Konik dişlilerin dayanım analizinde tredgold yaklaşımının ANSYS ile araştırılması


Bevel gears are machine elements that are widely used in industrial machines for mechanical power transmission. A pair of bevel gears is generally subjected to two types of stress: bending stress and surface contact stress. The calculation of this stress is very important for achieving the optimum design. In this study, the bending and contact stress calculation of a bevel gear pair was performed analytically with ANSYS 2019R3, which made a solution with the finite element method. In the analytical calculation, DIN 3991 method was applied. The straight cylindrical virtual gear of the bevel gear was created by the tredgold approach and the solution was realized over this virtual gear. Virtual gears have been calculated analytically and a solution has been made for this pair of virtual spur gears Then solid models of bevel gears were created with CATIA V5 R20. Material, contact and joint definitions were made in ANSYS mechanical section. The non-linear solution for single tooth contact, which is the most difficult condition for the gear pair, was realized by the Newton Rapson method. The results showed that there is a 3.2% difference between the solution realized with the tredgold method and the ANSYS solution. It has been determined that the solution realized with the Tredgold method is very practical for standard gears, and the use of the finite element method in modified and special gears will be advantageous.