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Stability analysis of medium sized power plants subjected to grid events


Connection of small generating units in the medium voltage distribution system is increasing substantially. Such units, called distributed generation, can have a significant impact on, load flow, shortcircuit, voltage, frequency, power quality, stability, islanding and synchronized running, protection and reliability. In this study, the stability impact of a private sector power plant in Thrace region having synchronous generators driven by gas engine and gas turbine has been investigated in terms of fault ride through capability. Critical clearing time has been determined, once the criteria of fault ride through capability were explored. Grid operators do limit penetration levels of such plants and can also disconnect available units when grid fails. Stability is affected by voltage dip much worsely than penetration levels. It has been seen that the disconnection of power plants is not necessary, when the voltage dip restricted to 0,5 pu. Also that the stability is positively affected when the power factor is decreased to 0,8 from 1,0. The results also show that even 100% penetrated synchronous generator based power plants in distribution system do not affect stability badly in steady state operation