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Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting with Phase Shift Keying Modulation Technique


In this study, impacts of phase shift keying modulation technique on charging times of an RF energy harvesting circuit were measured and evaluated in detail. A measurement system was established for receiving and recording measurement packets. The measurement system was performed by utilizing a signal generator, an RF energy harvesting circuit, patch antennas and the other auxiliary devices. Output power level of the signal generator was adjusted to 14 dBm. The modulated signals were harvested wirelessly at distances from 20 cm to 50 cm at the interval of 5 cm by the RF energy harvesting circuit. For each distance, 100 consecutive measurement packets were obtained and hence, totally 700 measurement packets were analyzed for charging times. According to the measurement results, the shortest charging time was calculated as 7.97 s at a distance of 20 cm. In addition to that, the longest charging time was evaluated as 48.88 s at a distance of 50 cm for the phase shift keying modulated signals.