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A Benchmark Study for Phase Transformation of Shape Memory Alloy Based Split Ring Resonator Structure Under a Heating and Cooling Thermal Cycle


In this benchmark study, the integration of shape memory alloy thin film on to a split ring resonator is investigated. Split ring resonators are artificially produced structures which are used to generate magnetic response. One of the applications that can be met in the literature is the solar panel ones where they are benefitted for the electric generation from the resonance of it. Unfortunately, this application is very sensitive to the shape, geometry and dimensions which can be affected from ambient conditions easily. At this particular stage, to compensate the dimensional inconsistencies by shape memory alloy thin film is chosen in an ongoing project. Due to the nature of the shape memory alloy, not only the material properties but also the geometry of the structure can also change. By taking the advantage of this unique feature, the applicability of coupling shape memory alloy thin film by split ring resonator is investigated. And as an initial step of this research, the phase transformation of shape memory alloy thin film is investigated with regard to varying ambient conditions which are simulated by the change of convection conditions and exposure time. The temperature evolution of two significant point is tracked under these conditions and furthermore the change of martensite volume fraction is examined which will enlighten the path for the further steps on this investigation.