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The Effect of Soil Type and Different In-situ Test Results on Soil Amplification Analysis


The effect of local soil conditions is taken into consideration in the evaluation of ground motion properties in seismic design of structures. One of the most important effects on the ground surface due to strong ground motion is soil amplification resulted in the structural damage. Soil amplification can be determined both by dynamic analyses performed according to analytical methods based on local site conditions and obtained with investigations based on the results of in-situ testing methods. Therefore, the effects of local site conditions are considered to evaluate the properties of ground motion for seismic design of structure. In this study, soil properties of İnönü district are evaluated based on Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Wave (MASW) method which is one of the geophysical methods. İnönü is located at the west of Eskişehir surrounded with numerous active fault systems and subjected to very intensive tectonic activities in geological history. The studies related to seismic activity have been made on the basis of probabilistic seismic hazard analyses. Soil amplification analyses are performed with Shake2000 software comparatively by taking into considerations data from in-situ testing methods.