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Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting with Frequency Shift Keying Modulation Technique


Radio Frequency (RF) energy harvesting is a promising alternative energy source to provide power for low power electronic devices through the air. RF energy harvesting technologies are used in many application fields such as building automation, industrial monitoring, data center, security and defense. In this study, effects of frequency shift keying modulation technique on charging times of RF energy harvesting were measured and investigated in detail. An advanced measurement system was established and this measurement system was performed using an RF energy harvesting circuit, a signal generator, patch antennas and other equipment. The modulated signal at 14 dBm output power was generated by signal generator. Then, the energy produced by the signal generator was obtained from 20 cm to 60 cm at the interval of 5 cm distance by the RF energy harvesting circuit with 6 dBi patch antenna. According to measurement results, the shortest charging time was calculated as 1 s at a distance of 20 cm. In addition to that, the longest charging time was calculated as 7 s at a distance of 60 cm. It was determined that the charging time of the RF energy harvesting decreased as the distance between signal generator and RF energy harvesting circuit reduced.